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welcome to my website

Monday, April 2nd, 2007

I would like to welcome you to my website. I have some updates on whats been going on with my car.

After sending the C&S Specialties carburetor back for some upgrades, I changed my pulley combination from the 56/66 to a 48/73. With some dyno time with Jeff Harris at Pro Speed Performance we netted 778 rwhp, boost is about 17 lbs. The car feels like a whole new beast!! I am very pleased.

We went to NMRA Reynolds Ga. this past weekend to run true street. After making the required 30 mile road drive I was unable to restart the car due to a dead battery. What a bummer. The battery was a 16 volt powermaster that was only 2 months old. I am now switching back to the tried and true yellow top optimas, 2 of them this time.

My wife runs her Vortech supercharged 03 Mach 1 in true street too. This being our first big event┬átogether we realized that racing in the same class is unproductive and tough to do. We rely on each other for quiet a bit of help and suport while making passes, staging and just an extra set of eyes for what went right or worng on each pass. So, I am switching to Renegade for FFW Atlanta. I know these cars are faster than mine, but you just never know. On top of that, we’re in it for the fun anyways……………but a good finish never hurts:)

We met a lot of people this past weekend, so make sure to say hi if your at the Atlanta race.

Have a great week and keep it between the lines,